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Justin Marcus Smith, L.L.C. is a law firm focusing on business law, landlord-tenant, real property, and related business matters. The firm serves all of northern New Jersey including Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Hudson, Union, Morris, Somerset and Middlesex counties, with the main office located in Madison, New Jersey.

Background Experiences in Five Key Areas:

Justin Marcus Smith, Esq., principal and managing member, brings five strengths to the firm:

1. In-depth knowledge of court procedures, including post -judgment procedures, gained through experience working for judges in Bergen and Morris counties;

2. Prior work in conflict resolution as a R. 1:40-12(a)(4) court –approved mediator (Special Civil Part mediator);

3. A decade of business management experience in the electronics and telecom industry prior to becoming a lawyer;

4. Fact investigation skills built on a foundation of business research honed in consultative capacities prior to becoming a lawyer;

5. Real-world interaction with real estate investors who have practical commercial real estate, landlord and tenant experience in several states for more than two decades.


The law firm's principal and founder, Mr. Smith, offers attentive legal advice and representation in both general civil matters and the resolution of executive agency or regulatory difficulties. The firm has experience in various kinds of general business problem solving for small and large companies alike, whether established or start-up. As a lawyer at another law firm prior to establishing his own, Mr. Smith helped clients execute various kinds of contracts and transactions. In addition, he litigated diverse types of business matters at both the superior court and appellate level; and resolved executive agency law (regulatory) issues.


When working in the Bergen County Superior Court, Mr. Smith mediated well over 175 cases, leading the various litigants to settle more than half of their cases amicably. Since his early days working in such capacity, he has represented clients in eight northern counties in the Law Division and in the Chancery Division, General Equity part.


The firm has handled weighty, high-dollar value matters, including an adversary proceeding in federal bankruptcy concerning a $3M state court judgment. Through quality work, Mr. Smith has garnered the confidence of other attorneys, and has been asked to represent them in serious litigation. Because of his successes, he often represents other lawyers or their immediate family members in various kinds of civil litigation.

Law Books

Business and High-Tech Manufacturing

The firm also brings a broad and deep business background to cases due to Mr. Smith's substantial prior experience in industry research and analysis; market research; operations and supply-chain research and benchmarking; homologation of electronic equipment to satisfy international safety, radio frequency interference ("RFI"), and local telco ("PTT") compatibility. With this knowledgeable expertise, the firm offers a spectrum of business negotiation, transaction and litigation services for high-tech, service, logistics, and manufacturing companies.

Real Estate

Concerning real estate matters, the firm offers additional perspective by drawing upon the familiarity and experience of consultants who have been landlords in both the New York and Metro Chicago real estate markets. In this area, the firm offers legal services to landlords and tenants alike, whether office, retail, or industrial spaces, and residential properties.

Problem Solving

Mr. Smith's uniquely strong business background and skills in research and fact investigation, as well as his attention to detail and knowledge of Superior Court rules and operations, place the firm's clients in a strong position to solve problems amicably, or, if necessary, in court.